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Nordisk Aluminium Y-Peg

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Aluminium Y-Peg

Optimized grip and strength

The Y-shape construction improves the grip creating an even more stable peg, that can withstand strong winds and tough condistions. It penetrates smoothly into a wide range of soils and the guy rope attachment option allows for easy pull. The bright mustard yellow colour means easy visibility, ensuring that you will not leave your pegs behind.

  • optimized shape
  • firm grip
  • set of 6 pegs
  • sturdy Y-peg construction
  • smooth penetration into a wide range of soils
  • guy rope attachment option for easy pull
  • extremely durable
  • easy visible colour

Item No: 119041




Nordisk Aluminium Y-Peg

The Stafford Outdoor Company Limited, a company registered in England and Wales.

Company number: 04761613.

Registered address: Online email to [email protected]

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