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BSides Newcastle 2020
# Bringing the Weird Virtual ...#
Date 4/9/2020 - 5/9/2020 
Time 10:00 - 23:00

This year as were virtual we have whole host of things for you lovely people,

we have 4 truely awesome keynotes

Friday AM - The Beer Farmers - If History Teaches Us Anything, It's That We Ignore It
Friday PM - Chani Simms - Ticking box or ticking bomb
Saturday AM - Dr Grigorios Fragkos (aka Greg) - Cyber Security in Evolutionary Terms
Saturday PM - Ray [REDACTED] - Jedi Masters, Sith Lords, and Droids: 5 Generations of Hacking

We have 2 tracks running both days. 

101 Track - designed for those wanting to enter infosec / talking their first steps,
this track will be focused on mental health, life and getting in to infosec talks 

Brain melt Track - designed for those who love nothing more than hardcore tech,
this track will be focused on technical talks, tool talks and live demos. 

we have workshops from Chrissy Morgan Jilles_com and coffeefueled

As for entertainment we have some things currently under wraps for the lunch / breaks, 
on Friday night we have "hacker karaoke" followed by SYPHON dropping some beautiful D&B / Liquid D&B 
on Saturday night we have The Beer Farmers bringing us some form of hilarity folowed by c64  to close off our event in style. 

Call For Things 

Call for Presentations I have a google account  I dont have a google account 


Sponsorship of the 2020 is open if you are interested in sponsoring please take a look at our packages 
sponsorship package pdf  
any queries or questions please get intouch via [email protected] 

The sponsors for the founding year made 2019 happen without them we 
would not be able to bring you all 2020 and coming years.
They sponsored some weird guys dream and made it all happen. 
Exabeam, Verrimus, Hack The Box, NTE Limited, 
Octopi Research, Moon On A Stick, Harvey Nash.