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BSides Newcastle
#Possibly the Wierdest BSides Ever...#
Time 10:00 - 18:00 
Date 23rd November 2019 
Located at Dynamix Indoor Skatepark  
Follow us on Twitter @BSidesNCL 

About Us
This BSides event's aim is to help build the community of InfoSec in the 
north east with Talks, CTF, and a number of villages set in an indoor skate 
park Dynamix CIC, given the alternative venue and inclusive themes this 
should make for one to remember. All talk content will be CFP driven.
Plan is for 2 tracks with one rookie half day initially but may be extended to 2 
and a rookie track depending on responses. 

We have the awesome opening speaker Jenny Radcliffe. 
and the equally epic  Ian Thornton-Trump bringing our event to a close.
All remaining content is via our open CFP

Get Em Here

Apply Here
Rather than list requirements and specify a theme I leave this relatively open, 
community interest and well-being all the way to advanced mathematical proofs 
to robots AI and why we all love our future overlords of humanity to lock-picking 
and breaking in to the industry. 
Accepted talk length 5 - 90 min of all levels.

Paper close Nov 8th please have paper and rough presentation ready for that date, 
and complete prior to 16th Nov we will contact you direct via provided email on selection, 
this may be before full close date. 

Code Of Conduct
Wheatons Law "Dont Be A Dick" 
No "-isms"! we're a global community and have no need for that.
Community health above all else. 
Crew Elders decision is final. 

Current confirmed villages below 

Mental Health Village 
Somewhere quiet and warm to have a think and a chill toys and art 
supplies plentiful, 

CTF Village 
Currently 3 CTFs with a leader board and a hoodie / a few Ts at stake 
Can you take our crown?
With contributions from Andreas Finstad @4nqr34z, theart42 @theart42, 
mRr3b00t @UK_Daniel_Card and pwnDefend @pwnDefend

LockPicking Village 
Wanna learn a new skill or brush up on old skills? We have locks!
Brought to you by Moon on a Stick LP&CBC [email protected]

Recruitment / Development Village 
Meet recrutment and development partners to further your Cyber /
IT career 

Contact Us
Twitter @BSidesNCL 
Email [email protected]

Find the right sponsor pack for you / your company.
You can request a sponsor pack on Twitter @BSidesNcl 
or via Email [email protected]